Reasons You Should Go To Bed Mad

“I’m upset and you’re going to go to sleep?”

“You don’t care about me at all. How dare you?”

“You never want to talk about anything anyway!”

“So, you want to go to sleep with this problem right now?”




The long-standing script for “Don’t Go To Bed Angry” has to be rewritten.

“Go to bed. I don’t care. I’ll be up all night with this on my mind.”
Folks, we’re gonna tell you to go to bed. If it was that bad, someone would have called a doctor, 911 or us. If none of those are on the line, go to bed!

If you’re tired, you’ll wake up, with little or no sleep, even more irritated than previously. Is it worth it? Being well-rested and not sleep-deprived goes a long way for a meaningful conversation.

Next, recollect the times you tried to argue with a sleepy person. How effective was it? Folks don’t respond well, don’t listen and often will say anything for you to leave them alone.

Furthermore, the ability to pick up on cues and to have a “Keep it a Hunnit” conversation is valuable. A sleepy person will translate body language  and facial expressions wrong.

Now you have to explain that on top of the problem you already have. You don’t need more bad communication on top of bad communication.

Lastly, folks who lack sleep can be mean and grumpy. And here you are seeking to negotiate and get a resolution with an irritated person. Each of you can have a much better conversation after getting some rest.

Our final answer is, GO TO BED MAD! You won’t wake up happy, but at least you’ll have gone to bed.

Nite Nite,

Hasan “THE HIM” and Naa’ila


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