Where’d This Come From?


Have you been bungee jumping or you won’t go because you’re terrified? For those who have children, were you concerned about the terrible two’s before they began?

Has there been a chance you wanted to take or a job you wanted to apply for until someone rattled off the risks?
Before covid, I tried hard to get Hasan to go on a cruise with me. He wouldn’t do it! He told himself he’d die, in the middle of the cruise, and be tossed overboard.

Now, how did he come up with this story? Who knows! LOL.
Was it a movie? Something he heard? Doesn’t really matter. What we know for sure is a perceived fear, without sound facts, held Hasan, and you, back.

A few years back, as Hasan was going blind, due to the rawness, scariness and the unknown of the process, information came in from everywhere and everyone. Of course, Hasan did his own research about his circumstances. Then, the other folks came in!

Everyone had a cousin with a cure. There was a product that could restore his sight because their Uncle’s sight returned. There was a drink, an herb, or some natural doctor to go and see.
I can’t say all of them were dismissed because they weren’t, but at some point, Hasan had to stop!

The reason was that folks were giving advice, with minimal information, no medical expertise or awareness of his condition, but in response to THEIR fear of Hasan going blind. The intent was kind. But let’s keep it a hunnit.

Is this how you give out medical recommendations or referrals?
It isn’t.
But when you’re afraid, this is what you do. You look for ways to make the discomfort go away even if the problem doesn’t.

Consider doing this before jumping aboard the “FEAR ME SHIP“….

Get the facts for root of your fear.

Identify your anxiety. Your feeling is real, but is the origin of it sound?

Is the person who gave you the info the real deal?

Does the other person’s situation connect to your own or is their situation different?

Do you have the whole story as best you can? Is your anxiety feeding off of a specific detail? Look at what has you hung up. Another person’s negative moment does not have to be your own. Making decisions or believing that what happened to another will happen to you isn’t so.

That’s their narrative! You can create a different one for yourself as long as you don’t get caught in another person’s story.
Be mindful of the way you speak to others so your limits and afraid experiences won’t be transferred to them. Let us know how you do!

See ya soon,
Hasan and Naaila

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