Dang…Somebody Tried To Get Her Coins!


It’s a short and sweet reason why we’re up at 3 am creating gratitude action plans for ya’ll.
It’s cause ya’ll matter to us.

We have a philosophy we try to keep. Never to give someone a resource they can’t use. It’s like giving someone the recipe and all of the ingredients for tuna salad without providing the tuna. What’re they gonna do with that?

Someone, other than us, referred a client to a gratitude app. Our client was geeked up and rarin’ to go. It’s a new year. The person had a fresh attitude. It was ON! Then, she learned the gratitude app had a fee. She requested other options from us. Because we know her, we kinda sorta felt like we knew what would be her best gratitude upgrade.

We couldn’t find anything we liked. So we made one. She’s gonna get a copy and you too! We’re so thankful for you!

See ya soon,

Hasan and Naaila

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