The Color Of Red Flags


Painful moments are cues. They give us signals. Kinda like a stop sign. If you were to see a stop sign without any letters, you would innately have the mind to stop. The color and shape of the stop sign give a message.

People give messages too.

Red flags are messages. A red flag could mean, “This ain’t what you want!” Or, it could a lighter message such as, “I need to look at this deeper.”

When you fail to adhere to the signal the red flag sends, you put yourself at risk. Many folks don’t want to read the emotional message behind a red flag. So, a person decides to change the red flag code to mean, “Aww, it’s gonna be ok.” No red flag ever told you to give it a new definition. You may decide you’re colorblind and aren’t sure the color is red.

Folks come up with an array of reasons not to respond appropriately. Some reasons are because you believe…

…the person will change for you

…you can change the person

…the person promised to change and you gave them repetitive chances

One of the things we want you to walk away with is a person displaying unacceptable behavior for you isn’t always a bad person. This simply isn’t YOUR PERSON.

When you see the flaming red signs from a colleague, a family member or a friend, establish a boundary to safeguard yourself. If not, you could end up in a relationship or place you don’t wanna be. All because you didn’t heed the warning signs. You’re worth so much more!

See ya soon,

THE HIM & Naaila

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