Say Bye-Bye To Bad Words

Soo… we’ve had another busy week working with the Love Thang Village. Our folks are the best ever.  Being even better is waiting for you. Last week, we had laughs, ah-ha moments and love connections, but beyond that…one thing became eye-opening for us.


You see anyone can make love promises, say the right words at the right moment, but can you do this when you’re mad too? Where are your “Bae Buzz Words” when you need to show up in a situation where your spouse is showing out!

Your voice needs to sound right.

Your words have to feel right…right then.

Your face needs to look right.

You gotta generate a safe moment for your spouse to have a good experience with you despite ya’ll having a show down.

Here’s a few unproductive communication habits to be on the lookout for:

1. Trying to convince the other person you’re right. You end up going back and forth arguing or repeating the same position over and over again. It ain’t worth it. You don’t have to agree. Two opinions can exist at the same time.

2. Offering advice. Before you do anything else, listen. You could be completely wrong!

3. Immediately seeking to reassure the other person. Shocked by this one? Look, if you jump right into offering support, you can get accused of not wanting to understand or lacking empathy. Leave the floor open for the person to state where they are. Your consoling words can wait until they’re finished! This can be a way for you to create an experience with your spouse, during a sensitive matter, you never thought you could do! This is a “Don’t-Wanna-Miss-This” situation.

Please, give some real though and consideration to the type of experience you’re creating for yourself and the other person in this impressionable moments.

Give it some thought. Let us know how it works out for ya.

Talk to you soon,

Hasan “THE HIM” and Naa’ila

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