SLICK Ways To Be Better Without Being Extra

It’s January  2021. Give God all the praise. Somebody did not make it. You did!

Somebody doesn’t have good health. You do!

Somebody doesn’t feel like smiling. You can!

Somebody doesn’t feel loved. You can give love!

Somebody can’t read this email. You can!

For today, this is gon’ be all about what you can do. You have superpowers!

Folks tell us they love our relationship guides because it is “workable…practical.” Our goal is to make tools for real God-loving folks with real “Am-I-The-Only-One?” issues that we ain’t gonna pretend don’t exist! Cause you are not the only one!

Here’s a “But-What-Chu-Can Do” Guide for relationships with yourself and others. You’ll be one of the first to put this in action!

1. Take care of yo’ self. If you aren’t any good, no one else is either. Toss the rhetoric of what won’t get done if you don’t do it. You’re right! It won’t, but err’ thang ain’t gonna get done today! Is there food in the house? Good. Let’ em make sandwiches.
Has the laundry piled up? If you leave those clothes in the dryer, trust and believe, no one will steal them. Go sit down for 15 mins. Take a hot shower and let the water calm you. Drink a cup of tea. Sit in the sunlight.
Your son needs help with school work. We get it. But have you been so tired you didn’t smile at the child today? What’s more important, the homework or your son?

Take care of your own soul first.

2. Ask the folks around you about their life. What was a reflection they had for the day? When was the last time the person felt smart? How would the person rate their day on a scale of 1-10? Did the person feel included in life today or did it feel like life kinda existed around them.
Check in on folks without saying, “How you doing?” You’re guaranteed to get the cliche, and often unreal line, “I’m fine and you?” Sincerely let folks you love know you’re invested in them.

3. Mahnnn…let people be who they are. There will be parts of everyone you enjoy and parts…well, you could throw in the trash. You get the whole person! Guess what? Someone feels the same way about you also!
Your opinion and beliefs can exist while others have their own. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone or doing anything immoral, do you! Allow others to do the same. Everyone won’t agree on what immorality is. This is another discussion, but for today, let folks be who they are, even the ones you disagree with. Arguing won’t make folks change minds.

4. Be grateful. One of the ways Naa’ila puts herself to sleep is with her gratitude list. After dabbing lavender on her wrists, turning on theta waves and resting on the pillow, she lists off her “Thankful Moments” of the day. Sometimes, its as simple as, “I’m grateful I can breathe…I’m grateful for clean sheets…I’m grateful to hear the rain…” When God know’s you’re grateful, He gives you more.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated or confused cause you had no idea how to begin small steps of self-help, now’s your chance to overcome the block forever!

Talk to you soon,

Hasan and Naaila

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