Honey Or Sugar In Your Tea?

Everybody can’t handle tea  as strong as the one in our cup! And here’s why…   This weekend, we, along with Imam Shadeed Muhammad will be combining our super powers together.  Atlanta will be lit with relationship guru goodies.    Topics for this weekend include:   1. The 5 stages of Marriage (Identifying which stage […]

Shh! I’m Abusing You! Act Like You Don’t See It!

It can be hard for some folks to know when harm has hit them. We know some of you are shocked and give the side-eye when you read this. Harm can be hard to detect when it isn’t physical. We live in a society with preset measurements for “extenuating circumstances”, which change based upon color, […]


You remember being 4 or 5 years of age with the new and uninterrupted ability to recite the alphabet. We say “uninterrupted” because once you began, all 26 letters were to be gifted to all! And you said it with yo’ chest! This is an adorable sight to see in young children. The confidence. No […]