What No One Tells You About Being Ready For Childbirth

My deepest regret about parenting is the timing. As parents we don’t often publicly admit our mistakes. We’ll say we made them, but which ones…Nah. Parents and Guardians take those “SMH-errors” to the grave. I know God schedules births, but I would have put my oldest son, age 28, at a later date. I wanted […]

Looking for An Answer?

Hello Love Thang Village!  What we’re about to share brings the biggest smile to our faces!    It’s the end of the calendar year and many are tying up lose ends or finding new ones to tie! We’re wondering if you’re like others we know….   Have you spent much time and moments rethinking a […]

So What’s The 411?

Warning! Good information will follow. Folks who feel their time for good-good love has passed can get this secret weapon! The simple truth is the relationship retreats we sponsor always sell out because we give results! Sounds impressive…right? Take a peek at what other guests have said! “If you can attend, come. when we walked […]